TRS21E Recovery Unit

Smallest – Lightest – Fastest – Most Reliable – Best Looking

The TR21 refrigerant recovery machine is the result of five years of intense research and testing focusing on refrigerant recovery equipment and the recovery process itself. Weighing in at 24.5 lbs and boasting a footprint that is 6′ wide x 12′ long x 9′ high, the Pro-Set TR21 refrigerant recovery machine is compact and requires little space in a contractor’s service truck.



It features vacuum pump-inspired aesthetics and a well-balanced handle for added portability and comfort. The unit achieved the highest recovery rates in its class when independently tested per the AHRI 74-98 Standard for Recovery Equipment for R-410A. The TR21 is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Suitable for the following Refrigerants:
R-12, R-134A, R-401C, R-406A, R-500, R-401A, R-409A, R-401B, R-412A, R-411A, R-407D, R-22, R-411B, R-502, R-407C, R-402B, R408A, R-509, R-407A, R-404A, R-402A, R-507, R-407B, R-410A

Height: 230mm
Width: 150mm
Length: 300mm
Weight: 11.1kg

Compressor Type: 2 Cylinder Oil-less

Refrigerant Tested R410A (kg per minute)
Vapour: 0.319
Direct Liquid: 5.42
Push Pull: 14.38

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