LS2 Leak Detector

LS2 Leak Detector is the world’s only fully automatic electronic leak detector with E_MOSTM sensor technology. Sophisticated software algorithms control the operation of this instrument allowing the user to quickly find the location of both small and large leaks with pin-point accuracy.

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Efficient control of the power to the sensor increases the life of the batteries while ensuring that the sensor is operated within its optimum parameters. A wide range audible alarm and 56 levels of sensitivity, automatically selected by the POWERSHIFTT” software and displayed in a bar graph type visual indicator, lets the user concentrate on finding the leaks and not on the instrument.

Housed in an ergonomically shaped high impact plastic chassis with a flexible 15″ probe, the leak-Seeker2 is built for rugged field use. The E MOS”‘ sensor is enclosed in a metal cage designed to protect the sensor from dirt and water.

The sensor housing incorporates an easily removable threaded cap with a filter, allowing the user to easily clean any dirt or grease which may collect while searching for leaks.

Height: 51mm
Width: 59mm
Length: 254mm

Refrigerants: HFC, CFC, HCFC
Sensitivity: < 3g Annually
Battery Type: 3x C 50 Hours
Probe Length: 380mm x (dia) 6.4mm

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