MovinCool 15SF

Portable spot cooling developed by DENSO, has proven itself with unrivaled performance in a variety of environments over the last thirty years. Built to last decades, MovinCool units have the unique benefit of being made specifically for harsh environments with high ambient temperatures.

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• Rugged design for harsh environments – Ideal for all industrial and commercial applications
• Powerful 4.5kW cooling capability with efficient and low power consumption
• Only requires a 10amp power plug
• Flexible ducts to direct cold air to where it is needed
• Increase employee comfort and productivity
• Provide supplementary cooling of parts, process and people when needed
• Digital control panel
• Automatic restart after power interruption.

Height: 1045mm
Width: 490mm
Depth: 650mm

Cooling Capacity: 4.5kW
Air Flow Evaporator: 800m3/hr
Max Operating Temp: 45°C
Power Supply (Consumption): 240V (8.2A)
Weight: 76kg

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